Amabile is a dynamic and passionate individual with 15 years of professional experience in the fashion industry focusing on Creative Production. She has a strong command on the all parts and pieces required to execute high level showroom and retail installations flawlessly and under deadline.  She has been the Visual Merchandising Producer for Dockers Global Creative Services for the past 3 years, managing their 8000 square foot retail lab, producing and participating in all visual initiatives and traveling globally to install conceptual, “best expression of the brand” projects. On the side she has taken on freelance work with Levi’s Vintage Clothing and the Levi’s Commuter Clothing segments, working as an installation artist and special installations/events producer. She is a true right brain, left brain person with the ability to balance the creative (mannequin rigging, prop shopping, sewing, painting) and tactical functions (budgets, hiring and managing talent and crew).  Amabile not only gets the job done, but also brings a positive and pleasant energy that carries tough projects to completion with ease and grace.

"I make things look pretty and cool and badass around the world.  I hope that people feel awesome when they work with me."  - Amabile Dyer